Cisco Meraki: A simple, modern way to provide secure remote connectivity

First, you should get to know Meraki

Before we talk about their MX appliances, it’s important to understand what makes Cisco Meraki so amazing and why we continue to recommend their technology to our customers.

  • Comprehensive family of solutions: Cisco Meraki can cover most, if not all, of your network infrastructure and security needs regardless of your size or industry.
  • 100% cloud-managed: Their products leverage the power of the cloud to simplify how you deploy and manage all of the networks you rely upon.
  • Future-proof technology: New features are released consistently and seamlessly pulled into your Meraki appliances without having to lifting a finger.

Cisco Meraki MX appliances were built to make your life easier

Put simply, they make security and remote connectivity a breeze – whether you’re an SMB or an enterprise with remote workers all around the world.

  • Intelligent site-to-site VPN: Connect in-office, remote, and at-home users to critical resources with automated VPN setup, and keep them connected with built-in redundancy.
  • Secure, hassle-free cloud access: Deploy MX appliances virtually in any major public cloud to establish secure connectivity to all your cloud apps and data.
  • Comprehensive security capabilities: MX appliances provide next-gen firewall, IPS, content filtering, malware protection, and more right out of the box.
  • Built-in SD-WAN capabilities: Reduce your dependence on MPLS by taking advantage of lower-cost broadband and fiber connections.
  • Intuitive, centralized management: Meraki’s dashboard is cloud-based and provides a central view into your users, bandwidth consumption, app usage, and much more. You can also push policies to block activity and optimize performance – or we can even do it for you!

Our clients love us and you will too

Security and great remote user experiences have never been more important. With Manhattan Tech Support by your side, we can help you take advantage of Meraki technology to make sure you’re delivering on them both.

  • Years of experience operating as a trusted technology partner to SMBs and enterprises in NYC.
  • Our teams are highly-certified by Cisco and they know both Cisco and Meraki inside and out.
  • We offer support from deployment through the on-going monitoring and management of your network.

What can Meraki and Manhattan Tech Support do for your organization?

If you’re looking for a network solution, you should consider Meraki. Reach out today to discuss the challenges you’re facing and learn how we can help you overcome them with Cisco Meraki’s family of networking solutions. | 212-299-7673 |

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